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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Majorca Flats -- 360

The tram ride back to Majorca Flats gave Jason time to think.  Despite the love that Keith had shown him, he still didn’t feel secure.  And Keith’s statements about living in the now somehow didn’t help.  All right, so Keith loved him now.  But what about next year?  Ten years’ time?  What then?
At Majorca Flats, Bolt’s enthusiastic welcome cheered him up.  The hall was redolent with the smell of cooking.  He found his grandmother and Eleanor in the kitchen busy preparing stuff for the “party�?.

“Do I smell cheese straws?�? he asked, trying to put his depressed mood to one side.
“You do!�? Eleanor smiled.
“I know you like them,�? said Lucasta, “and so delicious and savoury with champagne don’t you think whereas sweet stuff spoils the taste which would be a pity.�?
She thought that Jason looked a little down-mouthed and wondered what was wrong.  She’d expected him to come back from his love session with Keith in a good mood.  But the young were always so intense, living life to the full but also feeling its down drafts more deeply too. Perhaps they had quarrelled.  She wanted to ask whether his friends would be joining them at the party, but it seemed intrusive.

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