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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Majorca Flats -- 302

 “AIDS is treatable now,�? said Dmitri. “It's not a death sentence. I'll give you this injection which will most probably stop it. And in a coupla weeks you can have a blood test, and if necessary we'll start treatment.�?
I don't WANT to be sick!�? Cody was so unhappy, so angry that Luigi stood up and pulled him into a tight hug. Cody pushed him away. “If it hadn't been for you, none of this would have happened! Leave me alone! Go away!�?
Right.�? Luigi spoke through tightly compressed teeth. “Well fuck you then!�?
He stormed out into the waiting-room. He wanted to go out to the car and drive away and leave Cody to his
own devices. Let him sort out his fucked up life! Slamming the door, he went outside to his car. He got in and slammed that door too. Then he has to smile at himself. Taking out his pain on inanimate objects. “Sorry, car,�? he muttered, patting the dashboard.
In a moment he was weeping, for himself, for Cody, for the horrors and cruelties of life. Suddenly he was a little boy again and his gran was picking him up after he'd fallen and scraped his knee and was kissing him and murmuring comfort in Italian and plying him with home-made sweet almond biscuits.
Sometimes you fell over. And sometimes you needed help to lift you up again.
He wiped his eyes and went back inside.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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