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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Majorca Flats -- 361

Jason went to his room and flung himself down on the bed.  He contemplated the ceiling gloomily.  He’d been so sure he was loved.  The hole which Brent’s suicide had left in his heart—in his life—hadn’t filled.  And yet, his pain has lessened.  And the reason for that was because he was loved. Or so he’d thought.  On impulse, he opened his phone and dialled Luigi’s number.
Luigi and Cody were both deeply asleep, worn out not just by lack of sleep the night before, but also by emotional exhaustion.  They’d never slept for a long time in the same bed together.  Cody’s need to get back to his wife had always prevented that.  Now, like two small children lost in the forest, they clung to each other, finding in each other’s warmth a safe haven, a place where for a while they could be safe.  The insistent ringing eventually dragged Luigi from his drugged sleep. 
“How’re things?"
“Oh!  Sorry.  I didn’t think you’d be asleep.  I’ll ring back later."
“No, it’s OK." Luigi wet his mouth.  It tasted like the bottom of a parrot’s cage.  And he hadn’t even been drinking.
“I just thought … I wondered how you were.  You and Cody."
“OK, so far."
“Would you like to come round and join us?  My grandam is giving a party.  Lots of good champagne.  Cheese straws.  Sundry savoury nibblies."  Jason had seen the packets of chips on the kitchen counter.
“Cheese straws!  Hell, an irresistible offer!  When?"
“About seven.  That gives you an hour or so to primp and perk.  Oh!  I’ve just thought.  Will Cody be OK with us?  I mean …"
“Yeah.  I think so."  Better than he’d be with me alone, Luigi thought. 

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