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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Majorca Flats -- 354

The two old ladies decided to take the tram home. Lucasta was a little worried that she might not be able to climb up and down the steps, but Eleanor assured her that the new trams had low floors and that it was relatively easy to get on or off and that anyway, the stop where they would get off had a low platform in the street so they would only have to step down an inch or so.
"The Queen did it when she came to Melbourne," said Eleanor. That clinched it for Lucasta. If Lilibet could do it, so could she!
Keith, Jason and Esmésaw them off from the stop outside the café, waiting with them until the tram arrived.
I'll be home later," Jason told the two of them.
We can celebrate with some champagne so nice when one meets and really quite healthful all things considered," said Lucasta.
I'll see you seven-ish,"replied Jason.
That was a polite request not to be too late," he said to the other two as the tram headed off up the hill.
Roight." Keith winked at him. “That gives us a couple of hours til I start work and you have to be the dutiful grandson. What'll we do?"
I have to go back to the café," Esmé pointed out. “I shouldn't really have left. I'll get a thousand words."
Ya've only been gone 5 minutes! What a drongo!" Keith was indignant.
Well, you know what he's like. And I need the job."
Yeah, I know." He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.
Jason kissed her too. She smelled nice, of coffee and scent and clean clothes.

[image from this blog, High Riser]

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