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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Majorca Flats -- 355

Well, what will we do?�? asked Keith, leering at Jason.
You perve.�?
Ya have a dirty moind, Jace baby. Filthy. Oi could just a' been suggestin' a noice cup a' tay. Whoile we rayd improvin' books.�?
Naturally. That's exactlywhat you had in mind, Keithie. Exactly.�?
Yeah. Too roight it was. Dunno what was goin' through your septic tank of a brain!�?
The same as yours. Only one problem. We have to buy some condoms. I used the last one last night.�?
No easier said than done, me ol' choina. I've got ta go to Coles anyway ta get some groceries.�?
When they got to the checkout, there was a kid cashier, who didn't look much older than about sixteen. He looked at the packet of condoms and the bottle of lube and then peered at the two of them. And blushed.
Dja sey that?�? asked Keith as they left the supermarket.
Howd' he work it out?�?
I dunno,�? answered Jason, but what he thought to himself was 'we look like a couple, we look like we're together', and then he thought of Keith's kissing Esmé and how they also seemed to fit together and wondered just what he'd got himself into.  Because it suddenly became clear to him that Keith and Esmé were also a couple.  

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