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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Majorca Flats -- 349

In the end they didn't go into the bar. Keith parked the car in a side street near the bar and they walked a little up and down Brunswick Street. Lucasta was thrilled by the street vibe, by the good humour of the pedestrians sauntering up and down, stopping to chat, or just sitting in the pavement cafés watching other people go past. It was a warm day, but the air had the look and feel of autumn, and the streets were strewn with the papery corpses of plane tree leaves. They did go into the café where Esmé worked. She wasn't there when they arrived. When she came in, Jason kissed her. Keith stood up and pulled Esmé into a hug and kissed her too. Jason turned to the two old ladies.
Grandam, this is our friend Esmé. Esmé, my grandmother Lucasta Ellesmere and my friend Eleanor Cumberledge.�?
So nice to meet you my dear how many friends Jason has made to be sure,�? Lucasta said as she shook hands wondering at just how close Keith and Esmé were, and at how enthusiastically Jason had kissed her, and where Esmé fitted in.  

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