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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Majorca Flats -- 350

Jason was wondering himself. He felt a sudden affection for Esmé, a connection he hadn't felt before. She was likable. And cute. But he'd seen her more as Keith's friend than his own. He thought of Brent, with a sudden pang. How quickly he'd forgotten him! Yet as this thought filled his heart, he realised that far from forgetting Brent, the ache of his absence was there all the time. He'd not been aware of it, but it lay under everything he thought and felt. He turned away to hide his tears. Did he really want to care again, to feel? The pain had been unbearable. Yet it seemed he didn't have a choice. He did care, already. And as he looked round the table, he saw people he was deeply fond of and cared for. People he loved. His grandmother, wise, but giving the appearance of being dilly and scatter-brained. So kind and loving and tough! Eleanor, who'd taken him in off the street on his first day in Australia, who'd become his friend and his confidante, who had also suffered from her mistakes and misjudgements. Keith! Gruffly kind, tough, worldly, generous, insightful and … sexy. Undeniably hot.
And the thought struck him: what if Keith ended up with Esmé, and Luigi with Cody and he was left with nobody? Keith was bi-er than he was. Yeah, he liked sex with Jason and he was fond of him. But, wouldn't biology triumph in the end? The seductive pleasures of fitting in, of being like everybody else. Not that Keith would ever be like everybody else. He was Keith. Unique. The thought of losing him was all at once unendurable.
He turned to look at Keith and saw that the other man's eyes were fixed on him. But he couldn't read their expression. And Keith was holding Esmé's hand.

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