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Monday, 14 May 2012

Majorca Flats -- 309

They were talking about Luigi and Cody. When she came out on to the veranda, they stopped and turned towards her.
Don't mind me,�? she said. Keith flicked his eyes towards Jason, waiting for his lead.
We were just talking about a friend of ours, Luigi, and his friend. Who was taken by the Mount Macedon murderer. But he escaped this morning so Lou has gone through to Mount Macedon to fetch him. And we were just wondering what was happening.�?
Will he go to the police?�?
We dunno,�? answered Keith. “Thing is … well … it's complicated.�?
How?�? asked Eleanor Cumberledge, helping herself to another biscuit.
Keith glanced at Jason and was irked to see him grinning.
He's married,�? he said curtly.
That would complicate things,�?replied Eleanor placidly.
Well, that was why Lou dumped him,�? said Jason.
Because he was married?�? Eleanor was puzzled.
Yeah. The mongrel was married and he promised undyin' love to Luigi and poor Lou's heart was broke when he found out.�?
Then Lou met me and we took him under our wing and it started going right again and then this happened.�? He stopped for a minute, thinking. “I hope Lou's all right, Key. It can't be easy. I don't know whether he's the forgiving kind, our Lou.�?
Not unless you hit him,�? replied Keith drily.
Eleanor was shaken by this dry comment.
Don't, Key. Everybody has their …. problems.�?
Yeah.�? Keith sighed. “I knaow. Poor bugger.�?
Eleanor wasn't quite sure what all the relationships were. It was all so different from when she'd been young. Keith and Jason were clearly friends but there was also that indefinable electricity and physical ease which proclaimed them lovers too. And she would bet good money on it that Lou—Luigi—was part of their relationship. Doesn't it get very complicated? she thought.

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