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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Majorca Flats -- 310

Jason was smiling at her, so clearly divining her thoughts that she coloured.
Lou is one of us,�? he said. “We'll look after him. He's … things aren't easy for him … but … well … we're not going to abandon him.�? He scratched his leg absently. “I loved—I still love—Brent, but Lou and Key are my friends.�? The slightly different intonation on the last word made it clear that they were friends and more than friends.
Yeah,�? said Keith. “He naids lookin' afta, does our Lou.�?
But … but will his wife take him back? Not Lou I mean, the other one?�?
Caody,�? supplied Keith. “Naow. Prolly not. Not many women will, ya knaow. And I daon't knaow as he told her before. My thinkin' is that Caody waon't have a plice to staoy.�?
No.�? Jason stared at Keith his face alight with unspoken questions.
Thing is, Jace,�? said Keith, watching him as intently, “well ya knaow, daon't ya?�?
Yes.�? Jason smiled. “We'll give it a try, hey? Make it work, too, Key love.�?
Eleanor wasn't entirely certain what had just happened but she felt a sudden warmth in her heart and decided she liked Keith very much and Jason even more than she had before.
I think,�? she said, “that calls for more tea,�? and she went inside to make a new pot.
Ya sure?�? asked Keith when she'd left.
Yes. Quite.�? Jason's vowels were never sharper.

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