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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Majorca Flats -- 308

 “You know, I think I might just have a little lie down,�? said Lucasta Ellesmere. “So tired you know and not as young as I used to be I hope you don't mind just a little worn.�?
Of course, my dear. And sleep as long as you want to. Would you like something to eat?�?
Oh I thank you no not now Eleanor I was overfed on the plane all that food and you wonder how fresh it is up there six miles above the ground and all enclosed so unhealthy really don't you think?�?
Eleanor wondered on which of these thoughts she should fix.
Oh, quite,�? she answered.
She accompanied Lucasta up to her room, even though she had already shown her where it was, and went back to rejoin Keith and Jason on the veranda.

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