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Friday, 11 May 2012

Majorca Flats -- 307

Colin? Luigi had programmed the number Colin had given him into his phone.
Yeah? Colin de Graves speaking"
It's Luigi. You know, from this morning ...?
... yeah ... ?"
“ … I got a phone call from Cody's phone." Luigi waited to see whether Colin understood the significance of that.
He understood at once, and drew a sharp breath. “Indeed? How interesting. I was going to request a trace and now I'll get onto it right away. Thank you for the information. I didn't think he would do something so stupid, to be honest. He seemed cleverer than that."
More desperate, not stupid. He gets his jollies from killing gays. He would assume that the numbers in Cody's phone were, well some of them anyway, of gay blokes."
There was a silence. Then Luigi said, and it wasn't really a question, “He's going to kill again, isn't he? Until he's stopped?"
Yes. And without Cody's testimony, there's no hope of catching him until he does."
What about protection for him?"
I've spoken to the CID. They'll get in touch with him."
He hasn't got a mobile any more. They'd better not phone his mobile."
Yeah. But it won't really make any difference. He must know we'd be after him."
Maybe not. He might think Cody was so closeted and afraid that he wouldn't report it. We had to work hard to persuade him to talk to you."
I'll warn them of this phone call right away. Luigi, how is he?"
Not good, Colin. You know … it's easier if you're gay or straight. You know what to do. It's one or the other. I always knew I was gay. But Cody's bi. And married. And he loves his wife and children. And he's going to lose everything."
Poor bugger." Colin was genuinely sympathetic. “OK, I'd better get on to the CID. Look after him, Luigi. He needs love. Lots of rape victims kill themselves."
Luigi choked up. “I know. I will. And thank you again for ... "
It's my job. 'Uphold the right'. That's our motto. And it's how I do my job."
Man …. if you knew what we go through."
Things are changing. Even in the police."
Yeah, right!" But Luigi was smiling a little as he said this. “Seeya later, Colin."
Yeah, mate."
Luigi hung up. Now to find out whether Cody was OK.

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