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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


“You’d look ace in bellbottoms.  The kind which are skintight over your bum and cock, and flare from the knees.”  Cody was trying hard.  But he still felt resentment towards Jason.  Even though he knew in his heart that he was being unreasonable.

“The new fashion is skintight all the way down.  So tight, your arse squeaks when you walk.”  Luigi grinned at him.  “Or meggings.”

“Meggings?”  Cody was quite at sea.

“Men’s leggings.  Like tights for everyday.  I have to tell you, everything is visible.  I prefer to hint and tease, not have all the shop’s goods in the shop window.”

“I dunno.  You’d look good in tights.  And this—“ Cody squeezed the other man’s package “—these are very satisfactory shop goods.”

“And at your service!”  Luigi smiled and kissed Cody, his arms still around the other man.

“That’s the ticket!” said Cody, his mouth smiling but his eyes haunted.

In the end, they watched the rest of the Star Wars DVD and had hot chocolate before bed, and then slept spooned up against each other, at peace, for now.

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