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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Colin was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and a leather jacket.  To Luigi’s untutored eye, he didn’t look at all like a policeman.  In fact he looked cute.  And sexy.  He’s a married man and he’s straight.  Behave yourself!   
“Come in, Colin!  Would you like some tea or coffee? ”
“Nah.  Thanks.  I’d like to get back to Macedon as soon as I can.”
“Thank you for coming to see us.  We really appreciate it.”
“Were the ‘tecs really that bad?”
Luigi’s face hardened as he remembered their complete lack of concern and the barely hidden sneers as they conducted the interview.  “They obviously thought that Cody and I were a bunch of homos who got ourselves into trouble and why should they bother, really.”
Cody nodded.  “Yes.  They made me feel that I was dirty.  Worthless.  It wasn’t so much what they said as how they said it.  They reeked of it.”
Colin sighed.  “Yeah.  That happens.  Lots of old guard policemen who are homophobic, sexist …  yeah.  Sorry.”
“Not your fault!” Luigi assured him.  “You were wonderful.”  He smiled warmly at Colin and was amused to see him colour a little.  “Anyway, Cody and I have done a little research.  Not that we’ve learned much.”
“You were careful, I hope.”  Colin looked stern. 
“Yeah.  ‘Course we were.  Cody wore a cap and aviator glasses and a worn leather jacket we bought on Smith Street.  And the killer hasn’t seen me.”
“You don’t know that.”
Luigi was taken aback. “Well ... but … weren’t they all random pickups?”
“How do we know that?  There could have been some connection.  Say, perhaps, that they all worked out at a gym.”
“Jeez.  I never thought of that.”

“I’m not saying there is that sort of connection, but there may be.  You should be careful.  He’s killed before. 5 guys? 6?  We don’t know. ”
Episodes 1 to 480 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)  

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