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Saturday, 14 December 2013


“That was Colin.  He’ll be here in half an hour.  We’d better shower,” observed Luigi. 
“Now why would we bother, I ask myself,” said Cody very drily.
“Ask you why, Yody? It is the power of the force.”
“Yeh, that force I felt.  Powerful is it, too.”
“C’mon.  We stink.”
They did.  But secretly both liked the smells: sex, lube, sweat, men; pheromones of all kinds.
They walked through to the shower naked.  In the shower, they soaped each other up, and felt each other up, too.  Luigi reached round to lather up Cody bum crack and felt the plug, still embedded in him. 
“Feels good, does it?”
“Yeah.  But I’d better take it out.  It’ll distract me.  Every time I sit down I’ll feel it in me.  And it’ll remind me of ….”
Luigi pulled it out, carefully.  Unable to stop himself, he kissed Cody.  They both sprouted half boners.
“Amazing, isn’t it?  We’ve only just come and already they’re up for more.”
“Not to mention that this is the second time today.”
They rinsed off and went through to the bedroom. 
Luigi put the clean plug back in the packet, and put the packet in the drawer next to his bed.  Gay-friendly as Colin was, he might be fazed by a plug, let alone a packet full of them with the monster black one emperor of them all, its head clearly visible.

For a moment, Luigi thought about ‘power of the dark side’ and smiled.  They would have to watch the rest of the DVD later.
Episodes 1 to 480 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)  

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