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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Blogger Conniptions

When you try and access this blog, you'll get this warning, below.  I set "Adult Content" to "yes" because I didn't want prudes to be offended by the fact that I describe sex scenes and sexual love in Majorca Flats.  

But recently, Blogger must have changed their coding. After ten or so clicks (over a few days) on "I UNDERSTAND AND I WISH TO CONTINUE" it goes into a perpetual loop, with this warning page coming up again and again, making it impossible to access the blog.  The only way to get past this loop is to clear the cache on the computer.  For me, that's no problem.  But for my readers, who might not know about this new wrinkle from Blogger, it must mean that they can't get to read my story.  They must think there is something wrong with the blog itself, rather than with Blogger's software.

So from now on, I'm going to post the new episodes of Majorca Flats to my Wordpress blog/website.  You don't need a Wordpress account to read the blog there, but I think it gets more complicated if you wish to follow the Wordpress blog and get notifications whenever I make a new post.   But you can also get notifications if you follow my Tumblr or Twitter accounts or if you join my email listing/group.  You don't need a special account to join my group if all you want is to get emails notifying you whenever I do a new post.

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