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Saturday, 1 July 2017


When they got to the car, the killer made Cody get in the back and gestured him to move over to the other side.  He pointed his gun at Luigi. 

“You drive,” he said.  “Don’t try anything or your little friend will get it.”  He got into the car at the same time as Luigi, his gun once again directed at Cody. 

Just for a second, Luigi was tempted to run, leaving Cody behind.  He tried to justify this to himself by rationalizing that he would be better able to save Cody by getting hold of the police.  And that there would only be one person to save instead of two.  And that two hostages gave the killer more power than one.  But he hesitated too long, and the killer pressed his gun against Cody’s head, and said softly with utter conviction. 

“Get in or I’ll do him.  And I’ll get you straight afterwards.”

Luigi got into the car, feeling ashamed and angry and very frightened.

They drove in silence for 20 minutes out of the inner city on to the freeway and then along the almost empty freeway. 

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