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Friday, 22 March 2013


Cody drifted into la petite mort, which is what the French call that sleep after orgasm.  The little death.  Luigi held him in his arms, his eyes wet, gratitude in his heart.  He didn’t know who to thank.  Certainly not God.  God had made him what he was, had made him suffer the pain of being an effeminate gay, of being beaten up, of being despised and disliked.   Or maybe that was just the Christian God, always angry and judgmental.    Richard had believed in The Goddess, a loving Mother to the world, not nearly so cross and jealous and disapproving.  Luigi knew la nonna believed in Her too.  Or at least, she never prayed to Jesus or God but to Mary and the female saints.  Once she had said to Luigi that Jesus was too busy to care about the problems women faced.  But Mary cared because She was a woman.  She understood women’s hardships and their lives.  Maybe The Goddess Mother of the world was Mary and maybe something quite other, but Luigi didn’t care.  As superstitious as his Calabrian forefathers, he knew gratitude was necessary, or your luck could turn.  So he thanked The Goddess and promised that he would look after Cody.  And, as an afterthought, Keith and Jason too.    Gently, so as not to wake the sleeping Cody, he kissed the blond curls on the top of his head and settled in to wait until Cody woke up.

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