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Monday, 11 March 2013


“Tell you what,” offered Luke.  I’ve got a recital on Sunday arvo at the Conservatorium.  Bring him along.  Might as well meet Mr Right.”
Esmé punched him on the shoulder.  “He is not Mr Right!  He’s just a friend.”
Luke smiled in a knowing, superior way which made her want to smack him.
“You are such a pain, Luke Spencer.  I’ve a good mind not to come at all.  Or come and throw rotten tomatoes.”  They both knew this was an empty threat.  She always went to his concerts, and always applauded vigorously.
“There’re some off tomatoes there, if you need any,” Luke pointed out, gesturing to a plate on the sink. 
“Yuck.”  They were disgusting.  Blackened with pale grey-green mould growing over them.
“Thing is, you’re going to have to carry them in a plastic container because they’re falling apart.  And throwing them could be difficult.  Newton’s third law, and all that.”
She looked at him darkly.  “You don’t impress, you know.  I’ve met smooth-talking men before.  Shallow things, they are.  All baff and bombast.”
“So it’s settled, then?”
Esmé reached for the tomatoes.  “Why wait until Sunday?” she asked rhetorically.
Luke grinned and fled.

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