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Monday, 5 November 2012

Majorca Flats -- 377

Luigi felt like kissing Jason in gratitude.  Cody was on the mend. 
“The cheese straws are delicious. I left you some.  Amn’t I the tops?"  He smiled at them both.
“Some more champagne, anyone?"  Jason was being careful not to be too jolly but also not to be too serious. 
Eleanor and Lucasta both nodded yes, but Luigi responded with “I can’t, I need to drive home."
“Stay the night."  And Jason’s eyes were so warm and intense, their blue the happy azure of a summer sky, that Luigi’s cock in his thong instantly hardened.  For shame! He thought to himself, all you can think of is sex!
Jason’s eyes sparkled as if he knew exactly what Luigi was thinking. He’d spoken softly enough that only Luigi had heard what he said.  He winked at Luigi, unobserved by the others.  Luigi coloured, and his hard on got even stiffer.  He found the way Jason and Keith treated him as both a friend and a lover entirely pleasing.  He hadn’t had it with Richard, while with Cody it had all been too intense for friendship.  Maybe that would change now.  Maybe they could resurrect something from the disaster. 
“Another glass, then," he said, and this time it was Jason who got a chubby as he saw the look in Luigi’s eye.
Luigi turned back to Cody who was listening to something the two old ladies were saying.  He thought, Cody’ll need a new family, new friends, people who don’t judge him.  He’s judged himself cruelly enough.  I’ll take him to visit nonna.  But not yet.  She hasn’t forgiven his betrayal, and he doesn’t need a skelling out right now.  But these old ladies are kind and accepting.  Maybe they weren’t when they were young but now they won’t judge Cody—or me, or Jace, or Key—for being what we are.  And if Cody and I … But he stopped himself there.  There was a long journey to make before he would believe that their relationship would work again.

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