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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Majorca Flats -- 374

Pic from this great blog

“Oh, God!�? ground out Cody.  “Oh Jesus fucking Christ!�?  He stood hunched over, holding the jeans in one hand and scrubbing his face with the other, too bitter, too down even to weep. 
Jason stood up and put his arms round Cody’s shoulders.  “He loves you, you know.  He does.  He didn’t tell me that day.  But as we got to know each other, he told about you.  He was heartbroken.  But he never stopped loving you.�?
“I … hurt him so much.  And I loved him so much.�?
“Yes.  I did too.  My guy, I mean.  I loved him.  And … and he’s dead, now.  Because I—because I—didn’t do right by him.  At least you’re still alive.�?
“What happened?�?  For the first time since he’d been abducted, Cody was interested in what had happened to someone else.
“I’ll tell you.  But not now.�?  Jason ruffled Cody’s hair, smiled and pointed to the jeans.  “Get dressed.  We’ve got to get back.�?
In silence, Cody changed into the jeans.  He felt all at once no shyness in front of Jason.  No need to be shy.  They’d opened to each other.  They were going to be friends.  Perhaps …. Perhaps he would somehow be all right.  Despite everything.

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