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Friday, 12 October 2012

Majorca Flats -- 368

Bolt leapt around excitedly, barking his pleasure at their visit.
“Welcome to our little party!�? exclaimed Eleanor.  She’d made up her hair and put on some jewellery and scent and looked glamorous and elegant.
“So honest dogs—you know exactly where you stand with them there’s no pretence whereas with people you always suspect them of ulterior motives which sounds like a sort of plant doesn’t it sweet-smelling but with a bee inside but dogs are pleased to see you so they show
it whereas we humans pretend either that we’re not as pleased as we are or that we’re more pleased which is polite and politics but I think dogs do it better, don’t you?�?  Lucasta has also dolled up for the “party�?.  Luigi was glad he’d also dressed up.  Cody was still wearing the boardshorts Michael had given him.
“By which grandam means that she’s glad you’re here,�? interpreted Jason with a grin.
“You silly boy didn’t I say so?�?  Lucasta beamed at them all.
“Some champagne?�?  Eleanor led then through to the sitting room.  “Jason, would you mind getting a bottle from the fridge and doing the honours?�?
“I’d love to.�? 

There were three bottles of Domaine Chandon in the fridge.  Jason didn’t know the house, and he read the label.  Apparently it was made by the local operation of Moët & Chandon.  He realised that he hadn’t had decent champagne since he came to Australia.  The bubbly he and Keith and Luigi drank was cheap.  The cheapest, actually. 
He opened the bottle and went through to the sitting room.

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