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Monday, 28 May 2012

Majorca Flats -- 314

The Watcher stared fixedly through the windscreen as he drove to the Home. Before, the tinny roar of the Kombi's engine had been a comfort to him. He'd felt secure in its shabby cab, the seats fixed with duct tape, the smell of decaying plastic and old carpet. He'd been doing God's work, and God looked out for him. God was pleased with his work. Often he heard God's voice in his head, clear as clear, praising him for his labours.
But since the twink had got away, all he'd heard was the whispered word 'failure'. He no longer felt safe in the Kombi. It too felt like failure. The twink had escaped. Maybe he'd even gone to the police? No, homos were to weak to fight back. And the police were on his side. But what if he had gone and blabbed? There were unChristian elements in the police who might help him. What if he'd seen the number plate of the van? Or the writing on the side? What if the police were already looking for him?
His hands were slippery on the steering-wheel, and he ground the gears.
Tonight, he promised himself, I'll find someone else. And God will take me to His bosom again. And I'll be safe.
Absorbed by his worries and his thoughts, he didn't notice the depressed figure hunched over behind the rusty Holden Commodore parked next to the kerb.

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