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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Majorca Flats -- 312

Jason closed his phone and looked at Jason and Eleanor. “Cody's disappeared. We're going to go and look for him,�? he added, looking at Keith.
Can I help?�? asked Eleanor. Jason's first impulse was to refuse her help. But then he thought 'why not?' Eleanor was a calm, kind, unthreatening sort of person. Cody might feel safe with her. And, if it had been his gran he would have accepted her help, so why not Eleanor? And he remembered how she had found her son Bart dead, hanging in the hall, when she'd come home.
Yes, thank you. We
need all the eyes we can find.
I'll just go and spend a penny,�? said Eleanor. “All this tea! But I'll just leave a note for Lucasta in case she wakes up while we're out.�?
Keith stood up and helped her take the tea things into the kitchen.
Eleanor bustled off, her stick clicking against the wooden floor-boards.
As they were leaving, at the front door, she stopped to pat Bolt. “You have to stay behind, Bolt. We'll try and be back soon.�?
Bolt drooped in disappointment.

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