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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Colin parked his police car just off the road on the gravel track leading to Sanitarium Lake.  This was 50 metres beyond the turnoff from Mt Macedon road towards the camping site where Cody had escaped from the Killer.  He didn’t know where the Killer was headed but that seemed as good a place as any.  He had parked behind a thick native bush so that he would not be seen from the road.  The car had a radio which connected him to the search and rescue operation now going on.  There were 4 police cars as well as the police helicopter converging on Mt Macedon.  He thumbed the radio on and spoke to the driver of the police car from the Woodend police station.  He was on its way up the northern slopes of the mountain to its peak.  He would be with him in 5 minutes.  Colin could hear the car’s siren going.  
“Turn your siren off, Jeff!” he said sharply.

“Done,” came the laconic response and Colin who just been able to catch the sound of the siren over the soft noises of the forest stopped hearing it.  The radio was silent too.

“Approach with care.  This guy’s killed five already and he probably has a gun.  That’s five that we know about.”

“Will do.”

Colin decided that it would take too long to get Luigi’s car model, colour and number.  But what he could do was use the police car’s computer linkup to check the number of any likely car that came up the road from the south, and if it was Luigi’s to act.  Yet he wasn’t sure whether the Killer was bringing them here to the peak of Mt Macedon.  Perhaps he might stray from his previous pattern?  He must know that the police knew about him, that they would be on his track, and that he probably had very little time.  Yet he had driven out here.  Was his need to cut his victims so strong?  Colin remembered with a shudder the cube of flesh cut out from Cody’s buttocks.  Did he need this special place?  Was there something in his past which made it specific for him?

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