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Monday, 3 July 2017



He still hadn’t made up his mind by the time he’d pulled up next to a petrol pump. 

“Fill her up, using the credit card facility on the bowser” said the Killer, quietly.  “If you try anything, I’ll shoot your boyfriend first, then you, then as many others as I can get.”

Luigi had no idea how many bullets the Killer’s gun held.  He remembered vaguely that some guns had 6—or was it 7?—bullets in the revolving thingy at the base of the barrel.  But there were others who which held the bullets in a cartridge in the hand-grip.  How many did they hold?

Well, it didn’t matter. The Killer would kill Cody and maybe others.  Recalling his earlier cowardice, Luigi resolved to do something else. 

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