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Tuesday, 4 July 2017


He got out of the car, and turned round and looked at Cody.  He gave him a deliberate smile. He walked round the car to the bowser, and turned his back so the Killer couldn’t see what he was doing.  Taking his time, he unlocked the petrol cap and inserted the nozzle into the petrol tank inlet. He slipped his card into the slot on the credit card payment screen next to the bowser and selected full.   Then he took the watering can and filled it at the tap.  He opened the bonnet, but he didn’t unscrew the radiator tap.  He was sure the Killer would be angry, but it was the only chance they had.  He reached into his undies and pulled his phone out.  He swiped Jason’s number, and waited.  Pick up!  Pick up!  he urged, silently, listening to the click click click as the petrol bowser filled the tank.

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