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Sunday, 2 July 2017


They were just a couple of K’s before the Calder Raceway when the dashboard beeped.  A notice came up warning that the fuel tank was nearly empty.  Luigi exulted.  Yes!  Yes!  They weren’t going to go anywhere now.  There was no way the killer would do anything out in the open, next to the freeway. 

“Pull into the BP service station up ahead,” came the quiet order from the back. 

Luigi’s heart sank.  The service station was about a K further on.  Over and over again, in his head, he went through the options he had. He could get out and run.  As soon as he was safe he could phone the police and tell them what was going on.  And they would save Cody.  But he knew—profoundly, deep in his heart—that the Killer would use Cody as a hostage, and Cody would in the end be killed. 

He flicked the indicator on and turned his car onto the exit ramp leading to the service station.

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