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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


The phone at the other end rang and rang, and Keith was afraid that it would divert to a standard contact line, but just as he began to despair of getting a reply, a grumpy voice said, “Macedon Police Station, Sergeant de Graves speaking.”

In his distress, Keith’s accent strengthened as he spoke.  “Colin, were ya the blaoke who picked up Cody on Mt Macedon a coupla waiks agao?”

The voice at the other end sounded more awake.  “Yes.”

“The killer’s got him again.”

“Right. Do you know where they are?”

“Naow.  But it’s possible, isn’t it, that they’re drivin’ to the mount?  We’re here at his flat and the coppers here are bein’ difficult.  I daon’t think they’re takin’ us seriously.  Colin, he’s goin’ ta kill them.”

Them?”  Colin’s tone sharpened.

 “Him an’ Luigi! If the police aren’t goin’ ta halp, then we’ll have ta do somethin’.”

“Lemme talk to them!”  Keith was glad to hear the urgency in Colin’s voice.


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