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Sunday, 17 July 2016


It seemed for ever before they arrived at Luigi’s flat.  Jason could only find his way from the road next to the park, and then he got lost, because when he had walked this route with Luigi all those months ago, they had walked through alleyways and along one way streets which the car couldn’t use.  Their fear and tension made it seem even longer.  But in fact they were there within 15 minutes, and at last they were parked outside Luigi’s block of flats.

“How’d they get here so quickly?” asked Keith.  There was a police wagon parked on the pavement, its blue and red lights flashing.

“Maybe they’re here for something else?” suggested Esmé.

“Let’s go up to the flat and see.  But it’d be a miracle if they got here even before I told them where it was!”

Although it was only a five-story block of flats, there was a lift.  A tiny one.  They crammed into it.

“Fourth floor.  I think.  I’m certain.”  Jason stabbed the button.  The door closed too slowly.  “C’mon!  C’mon!”

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