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Sunday, 27 December 2015


He was asleep when he heard the pounding at the front door.  Instantly awake, he switched on the video camera trained on the door.  He was proud of the security system he’d installed.  He’d had to learn how to do most of it himself.  Just as he’d learnt to do plumbing and electrical work and carpentry.  He couldn’t allow tradesmen into his house. 

There were armed police, and two paddy wagons blocking the street.   He pulled on trackpants and top and running shoes, grabbed his wallet and mobile and car keys and ran to the hidden door at the back of the kitchen cupboard.  He opened the door, which looked exactly like a plastered wall, visible only if you knew it was there.  He’d been proud of that too.  He’d learnt so much at St Joseph’s.  He reached past the hidden door and pulled the cupboard door closed.  Just as he was closing the hidden door, he heard the front door burst open and the sound of booted feet thumping up the stairs.

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