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Friday, 25 December 2015


“But this plan of Jason’s!  Such a good idea.  I can try to make amends.  To do something for youngsters like Bart.  To make the world a slightly less unhappy place.”  Eleanor was upbeat, feeling once again purpose and meaning in her life.

“One can’t do more my dear for one fights against human nature and it’s so hard to be sensible and kind and not feel hurt and worry and do GOOD THINGS.”  She paused for a little.  “He did love Brent so much you know and I was so glad for him for true love is hard to find the kind that lasts forever and gives you a partner in life and it makes the difference between a hard life and a full one.”

“Yes, my husband died at 30.  He got cancer and there wasn’t much they could do, though they tried everything.  I wish they hadn’t, in a way.  He suffered so much.  And then I was a single mother.  Maybe that was part of why I failed Bart.”

“My dear, so hard all these things and life and all you can do is try because we only get one chance at it unless you believe the Hindus with their reincarnation though I don’t remember any of my previous lives if I had them so one can only do one’s best.  Now I think we both need cheering up and the best thing for that is a nice cup of tea makes one feel so much better.”

“Quite.  I agree, completely.  A nice cuppa does make one feel better, doesn’t it?”

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