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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Source : Zeva Photography

“Do they know about Brent?”

“Yes, I’ve told them.  But it’s not just Brent.  Eleanor’s son too, Bart.  Wait here a minute.  Let me bring you something.”

He was back in a moment with Bart’s diary.  “I haven’t finished it, grand, but I’d like you to read it.  Have some tissues ready.  It’ll make you cry.”  His own voice was a bit ragged.  “You see, I never realised how privileged we were.  I mean I knew about everything but it was only when I met Brent and then Key and Luigi and Eleanor that I saw how much I had.  Brent especially.  I don’t need it all.  So I want to do good with it.  Make the world a better place.”

Lucasta felt tears coming.

“What’s wrong, grandam?”

“Nothing.  Just.  Oh Jason…..”

“I’ll come and see you often in England,” he said.  “And we can email every day.”

“It’s not that, it’s just, oh I am such a silly old woman!”

“No you aren’t.  Silly!”

They laughed together.

“It’s just I know you’ll never forget Brent how could you because love is so strong and survives so much but I’m so glad you’re happier now Jason dear and so if that’s because of Australia I’m glad you’re here so wonderful but I do hope you’ll come and visit often.”

“I will, grandam.  Often.  I promise.”

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