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Friday, 28 February 2014


“A beer?” asked Luigi.

“W-e-l-l  . . .  I should be getting home.  It’s late.”

“Just one?”


Luigi fetched three beers from the fridge.

By common consent, they didn’t mention the killer or how they met.

“How old’s your kid?” asked Luigi.

“Just under two years.  They grow up so quickly.”

“Yes.  They do.” Cody looked very sad as he said this, and Luigi remembered that he would be missing his own children.   What would happen to him and Cody?  Cody was a father, for fuck’s sake.  Philippa would fight Cody for custody.  Could he look after the other man’s children?  Would the courts allow it?  And then, even more disturbing and perplexing—would the pressure be so great that Cody would go back, not to his wife so much as to the life he had before?  The pretend-straight.  This fed into all his fears and the many “straight” guys who had fucked him and then moved on.  Guys who had considered themselves better than him merely because they were tops while he was a bottom, or because they were bi not gay.

Jerking his thoughts back to the present, he heard Cody say, “Yeah I have two.  One is three and the other just ten months.”

He could tell that Cody was also thinking about whether he would ever get to see his kids again.  Richard’s lawyers, thought Luigi to himself.  I must get Richard’s lawyers onto this.  He has a right to see his children.

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