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Thursday, 28 November 2013


“Lou, love.  I’m sorry.”  Cody’s voice shook.
“For what?”
“For hurting you so much.”
Yeah, well, thought Luigi, with a bitterness which left a taste in his mouth and made him swallow, I’ve got to get past this.  Somehow.  
“Relationships—marriages—strengthen through crises.  If you work at it,” he said, trying hard to conceal his cynical doubts.  “So let’s work at it.”
“What about …. ?”
“Jason and Keith?”
“We’re friends.”
“And what am I?”
“When you … when I found out about … that you were married … I was lonely.  And sad.  And … Jace and Key are kind and generous and loving.  They’re my friends.  They’ve got my back.  We love each other.  Not like I loved you.  But like friends or, maybe”—Luigi didn’t have a brother so he didn’t know, in truth—“like brothers.”
“But you fuck them.”
“Yeah.  Just like you were doing with me and other blokes while you were still married,” Luigi reminded him tartly.
“I know,” mumbled Cody, his head turned away.  “It’s just …. I’m afraid … I’m …”

Luigi was immediately ashamed of his anger.  Cody had been abducted, raped, terrorised and had escaped murder by the tiniest margin.  He needed compassion not to be shouted at.
Episodes 1 to 480 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)  

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