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Friday, 29 November 2013


“Look, I don’t have to have sex with them.  But I do love them, Coads.  And the way I see it, they are my friends, and they’re sexy, and why not?  And they’re just so kind and generous.  And you know what, I think they’ll be your friends too.  They’re not a threat to you and me.  More of a support.   They won’t come between you and me.  They’ll support me any way they can.  They’re top blokes, Cody love.  The best around.”
“I thought … they seemed …. I dunno.  Withdrawn.  From me.  A little.”
“They’ve only just met you!  And they knew about me and you before.  I told them about us.”
Cody was silent.
“Cody, they won’t judge you.”
“Jason has already warned me not to break your heart again.”
Luigi didn’t know whether to furious or grateful for this evidence of his friends’ concern.  He felt tears prick his eyes.  Trying to keep his voice steady he said, “I think you need to get to know them.  And then you’ll understand.”

“All right,” Cody conceded the point.  After another couple of kilometres of their journey, he said, “Lou, just now I thought I was OK.  But it just … it all seems so hard.  I loved Phillippa.  And I love you.  And I … I’m not gay.  I … love you Lou.”

Episodes 1 to 480 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)  

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