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Thursday, 21 March 2013


He kissed the back of Cody’s neck again.
Cody turned to look at him, his eyes immeasurably sad.
“I do love you Cody.  And I’m here for you.  We’ll get through this time, and things’ll get better.”
Cody didn’t answer.
Luigi kissed him on his lips, but Cody remained passive beneath him.
Luigi kissed him again, with resolution.  He lifted Cody’s T-shirt and began to kiss his nipples and the line of hair trailing towards his groin.  He ran his tongue down the indentation in the middle of Cody’s stomach until he reached the button of his jeans.  He undid the button and pulled down the zip.  He pressed his nose against Cody’s trunks and breathed in the rich odours of his groin.  He nipped Cody’s cock through the soft fabric of Jason’s trunks.  He moved back up Cody’s torso, back to his mouth.
Cody remained inert.
Luigi sat up, and tugged Cody’s jeans and undies down to his knees.  “Never,” he said, grabbing Cody’s cock, “never have I failed to give a man a hard-on yet!”
Luigi looked so indignant that Cody gave him a watery grin. 
“It’s just … Lou …. It’s not you … but after …”
“I know, love.  But … I want you to enjoy love again.  What he did wasn’t love.  What he did was a perversion.  Something loathsome.”  He stopped for a minute, still holding Cody’s cock in his hand.  “I’ve had my bad times.  I whored around.  Some of it for money.  Some of it for companionship.  I hated myself, see.  Being gay and swishy.”
“Don’t hate yourself, Lou.  You’re a top bloke.  And anyway, I haven’t exactly been a saint.  And I hate myself too.”

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