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Monday, 18 March 2013


The doctor’s medical certificate was in the Luigi’s letter box at the flat.    It said that Cody Williams was unable to work for a week, backdated to the day he had been abducted.  It didn’t say what his medical problem had been.   When Luigi thought about it, it was obvious that a doctor couldn’t and wouldn’t breach the confidentiality of a client.
“Can I use your phone?” Cody asked Luigi.
Luigi listened to Cody’s side of the conversation with his employer.   Cody explained that he’d had an accident, that he’d hit his head and had been unconscious and that his memory had only just come back.   There were exclamations of shock and dismay from the other end, and the conversation ended with Cody saying he’d be in to work the next day. 
“So far, so good,” he said as he closed the phone.
“Do you wear a suit to work?”
“We’d better get you one, then.”
“But it will have to be fitted.  It won’t be ready till tomorrow or even later.”
“Then we’ll go and get one from your house.  And some other clothes too.”
“I can’t.  I just can’t.”
Cody looked so disturbed that Luigi immediately dropped the suggestion.
“Well, you’re more or less the same size as Keith.  A bit thinner, maybe”—he smiled—“but it’ll do for now.”
“Jason’s clothes might fit me.”  Cody was thinking of Jason’s trunks which he was wearing.  It was oddly erotic.  Jason had been so tough and firm but also kind.  He seemed such a good bloke.  Ridiculously, wearing his underpants gave him a connection to Jason. 
“He prolly didn’t bring a suit with him.  I mean, he’s backpacking.  Why would you?  So … we’ll ask Keith if we can borrow a suit from him and then …” he stopped, considering, “ …Target to get jeans and undies and stuff.”  He knew Cody would have no money.  The sort of gear he, Luigi, wore was far too expensive for the other man.
“I haven’t got my credit cards or drivers licence or anything.”
Luigi snapped his fingers.  “We’ll tell that cute policeman from Macedon.  Maybe he’ll try to use them and then they’ll catch him.”
“Why not the detectives?”
“I suppose them too.  Arrogant homophobic pricks!”
But it turned out that the killer hadn’t used Cody’s phone or credit cards, except that first time just after the interview with the police in Macedon.

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