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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


They spent the rest of the morning shopping.  Suit (to be collected on Saturday), undies, socks, jeans, work shirts.  Everything was charged to Luigi’s credit card.  Luigi didn’t care that the shop assistants immediately assumed that the two of them were lovers.  Cody didn’t even notice. 
Luigi might permit Cody to wear Target trunks and shirts but he flatly refused to allow him to buy Target neckties and so he took Cody to his own favourite clothing shop where he chose for Cody two silk ties.  Which cost more than the suit and the shirts together. 
“Lou …. They’re so expensive!  I can’t afford them.”
“They’re a gift.  You can pay me back for the rest when you can.  But ties maketh the man.  A beautiful Italian silk tie makes you look like a prince.  A nabob.  A tycoon.  Somebody to be reckoned with.  A Target tie makes you look like a loser.  A present, Coads.  You’ll look so handsome in them.”  His smile was so beguiling that Cody gave in and accepted.
The last thing on the list was a new mobile phone.  As soon as it was activated they exchanged numbers. 
“I’ve only got one number in my phone!  I’ve lost everything!” said Cody, and then, in the middle of Bourke St mall, he began to blub, great racking sobs which shook his body. 
“C’mon,” urged Luigi, putting his arm round Cody’s shoulders, “come, let’s go home,” and he flagged down a taxi.

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