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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Majorca Flats -- 357

 “All right, that makes sense. But what about, you know, women?"
Yeah. Well. I dunno. Whoi would they want me? An old whore? Gay as. Pozz. Not much to look at."
Jason turned his head and took Keith's nipple in his mouth and bit.
Ow! Wha's that for?"
You're handsome and sexy. Don't say you're not."
Ya're makin' me blush, ya dilly nong."
Jason kissed the chest beneath him. “And Esmé's keen on you. One woman at least fancies you."
Shey deserves better than me."
Oh, tosh! You're handsome, presentable, intelligent, kind, sexy, hot, loving. And a good man."
Yeah. But shey wants kids. And a husband who isn't rootin' blaokes on the quiet."
She knows about us. And she doesn't seem to care."
Neither noticed that this implied that Jason knew that Keith and Esmé were sleeping together.
But it's different when ya're married."
Who said anything about marriage?"
Shey wants to. I know. But … me? Wey could never have sex without a cock-jacket. There's no way I'd ever infect her. Even … you know … now … it worries me. Not jus' with her. With you."
Yeah, at first, with you, I was terrified. But you know, Key, everything we do is risky. And we try to reduce risk. But something can always go wrong. Don't worry about me. If the condom breaks, I'll go and get that new treatment, you know, the day after pill."
Have you been tested recently?"
You should." Keith's tone was serious.

 Jason knew Keith was right. But he felt a sudden marked reluctance to get tested.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

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