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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Majorca Flats -- 304

When they were seated in the car, Luigi said, “Where to?"
Home. I s'pose. If it still is."
Where's that?" queried Luigi, patiently.
Keep going along Brunswick Road, I s'pose. It's just off High Street."
Near where I saw you?"
Cody nodded.
Cody's home was just round the corner from Luigi's granny's house. Luigi wondered at the chance that had brought them together in a pub when they had lived so close to each other.
He parked outside and tore a page from the car's manual which was the only paper he had. “I'm going just round the corner to my nanna's. This is the address. If … if you need help … if your wife … you know … come to me there. If I'm not there, just ask my nanna if you can stay till I come."
Won't she mind?"
No." Luigi looked directly at Cody and smiled. “She's ace. She has my mobile number. But I'll also give you that."
What about the police protection? And all that stuff?"
Did your mobile have your address in it?"
Cody shook his head.
He can try and get your address from your number at Telstra but they're not allowed to give it out. But if you see anything suspicious, Coads, ring me."

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