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Tuesday, 4 July 2017


The phone squawked.  “Lou! Where are you?  What’s happened?”   

“Shh!” Luigi said, instantly. 

There was plenty of ambient noise—the freeway, jets taking off every couple of minutes, the noise of the bowser pumps, cars and lorries starting their engines, and there was also a speaker at each pump relaying some pop radio station.  All the same, he didn’t want the Killer to hear, because then he would kill them straightaway and there’d be no chance for the police to save them.

Speaking over Jason’s frantic question, Luigi said, “Just listen, Jace!  We’re at the BP service station on the Calder Highway.  I think he’s taking us to the Mount.  Tell the police!”  And he ended the call.  He slipped the phone back into his undies, poured some of the water from the watering can around the engine onto the tarmac, closed the bonnet, and put the can back in its place.  The bowser had stopped.  He got back into the car.

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