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Saturday, 2 May 2015


“The thing is,” Jason said when they all had coffees in front of them, “I've got something to tell you. I didn't want to say anything before, because I was … I was ashamed. Because of my money, because of my arrogance I didn't help Brent until too late. It was my fault he died.  And I blamed my money for making me arrogant.  So what I decided was that I would do without my money, it could rot, as far as I was concerned.  And so could my so-called friends in England. They always despised Brent, not because—not just because he was gay—but even more because he was working class.  And I did nothing about it. He was worth ten of them.”  He stopped and stared away.  When he looked back at them he had tears in his eyes.  He swallowed, and produced an unconvincing grin.   “Anyway, I've decided to stay here in Australia. I'm going to found a home for gay kids who've been thrown out of their homes by their parent.  So they won't have to go on the streets. Like you had to, Keith.”

“Cool!”—“Genius!”—“Wonderful!” His three friends were enthusiastic.  Cody didn’t speak, but he nodded, unwilling to be a wowser.

Jason held up his hand.  “Wait.  The thing is”—he looked away as he said this—“the thing is that I haven't been honest with you all. Nobody knows this. It's … kind of embarrassing

The others watched him. “We won't judge you, said Esmé gently. “We're your friends.”

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