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Thursday, 1 August 2013


Jason waited for Keith to speak.
After what seemed like forever, Keith sighed and said, “Esmé.”
“You regret being … lovers?”
“Well, no.  Not at all.  Not in that way.  But I do regret hurting her.”
He was silent for a little while.  Just as he was about to speak, another crowd of men came up to the bar demanding drinks and food.  Keith leaned over towards Jason and whispered “I’ll tell you later,” squeezing Jason’s bum at the same time.  Jason got an instant erection.
“Hey, can I have one of those too?”  It was one of the crowd at the bar, a handsome blond man with a ripped t-shirt.
:Fuggeddit, sista,” said Keith, flipping his hands.  “Way beyond ya proice range, swaitie.”
“Yeah?  What does it cost?”
“Very, very expensive.  You havta be moi friend.”
“How can I do that?” asked the customer, grinning suggestively.
“You can start by shuttin’ the fuck up,” said Keith, compressing his lips and slitting his eyes.  “But we do naid somebody to work here.  Prove your ability by clainin’ the toilets.  The claining’ stuff’s in the cupboard.”  He pointed.
The other man just grinned again, raised his beer bottle in salute, and went away.
“Two things,” said Jason, when they had another moment of relative quietness.
“One.  You’re going to get beaten up one day.”
“Not if I have big macho you here, to put the frighteners on them.”
Jason’s eyes glinted.  “Aren’t you going to ask what the second thing is?”
Keith put his head on one side and stuck out his tongue.
“Two,” continued Jason firmly, “you’ve given me a hard-on.”
“Just as well wai’ll be able to solve that problem later, then, isn’t it?”
“You mean I must wait?” Jason’s tone was incredulous.

“Yeah.  My appointment book is full.  Lemme look.”  He flipped open an imaginary diary.  “Well fuck me sideways, it’s got some bloke Jason in here.  Who the fuck is he, I wonder.”  He winked.

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