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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


In the next quiet patch, Keith said to Jason,
“Ya’d girlfriends too, didn’t ya?”
“Yeah.  And a boyfriend at school.”
“Ya did?  What happened?”
“I think he was just randy.  I don’t know truly.  But he just moved on when he went to varsity.  As if all our intimacy and closeness was nothing. When we met by chance again … he was …. There was nothing between us.  I think I was starting to dislike that upper class stuff even then.  He was married and plump and obsessed with all that—you know, holidays in the right place, the right wife, the right suit, shoes from Church’s.”
“They make bespoke brogues.  Two or three thousand pounds a pair.”
“And because of that … shit … I lost Brent.”  Jason was silent for a while.  Keith put his hand on Jason’s back.  It radiated warmth and comfort.
“We all make mistakes,” Keith said.
“That what grandam said when we talked about it at lunch.  But she never made mistakes.”
“OK, mate.  We might not all make mistakes, but we all have regrets, roight?”

“Yes.  True.  Mr Wisdom. Even you?”

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