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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


When Jason got there, The Lord Grey was busy, as it almost always was at that time of the evening.  He started work immediately. 
In a lull, he and Keith rested on the counter, side by side, their bodies touching.  It was comforting to be close to each other, a natural intimacy and companionship.
“D’ya think Cody and Lou will work it out?” asked Keith.
“I dunno.  Cody is bi.  He’ll need women.  Or anyway, lust after them.”
“Well, I like women too.  I dunno.  I kinda think that if my dad hadn’t chucked me out, I’d still be there, straight.”
“I thought he threw you out because you were gay?” asked Jason, close enough to Keith to feel the warmth of his body, to smell his body, fresh and older sweat after a day of work, Keith’s own essence.  Being there with him at that time seemed exactly right.  Perfect. 
“There is that,” conceded Keith.

Their conversation was interrupted by several blokes coming up at the same time to the bar for drinks.  Jason wondered why it always happened like that, like starlings or pigeons.

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