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Saturday, 4 May 2013


He softly lifted her off his arm, and began to stroke her body.  His hands were warn and made her skin tingle.  Once more, his mouth moved down her torso, slowly, tantalisingly, and reached her pussy.  His tongue moved into body.  Her whole self had shrunk down to just this exquisite, almost unbearable bliss.  It seemed an age and also far too short a time until waves of pleasure moved out from her groin through her body, intense pleasure, so strong it was kin to pain.  But she knew the difference.  She knew pain.  This was new.  This was ecstasy.  This was something she had never experienced before.  
Keith held her close until she had stopped shaking.  Then he lifted his head from her body and looked at her, his face shining with triumph and pleasure and gladness. 
He cradled her in his arms and she rested her head on his chest. She could hear the solid reassuring thump of his heart.  Her head rose and fell with each breath he took.
I shall never be happier, she thought.  Already she was locking away her memories deep in her heart.  She didn’t trust that her happiness would last.  It never had before.  After a while, he said to her, “now you must do me.”
She coloured.  She hadn’t thought of that.  She’d assumed—she didn’t know what. 
“Here!” he said, giving her a bottle of lube.  “Squirt some on me, and then put your hand round me.”
She did as he said, glad of his guidance. 
“Now move your hand up and down,” he suggested.
The yellow of the street lights illuminated his body.  She would never forget that oddly coloured half-light of his bedroom, of their first time together.  For her it would always have something other-worldly and fantastical about it.
“Kiss me,” he said, his voice warm.  She could tell he was smiling.
She could taste herself on his mouth. 
She quickly got the hang of it.  In a few moments, he went rigid under her and growled, and jism splashed across his stomach. 
“That was … lovely,” he said, wiping himself down with the trunks he’d been wearing.
Too shy to speak, she burrowed her head into the curve of his neck.

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