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Friday, 10 May 2013


In the morning, she had to leave early to attend a lecture.  Keith rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of trunks from one of the piles on the floor.  He offered her tea and breakfast but she was afraid to stay, in case it all started to go wrong.  At the door as he kissed her goodbye, she was hesitant. She didn’t know what to say.  She’d never made love with a man before.  She’d never spent the night with one.
He hugged her and kissed her.
“See ya tonoight,” he said.
“Yeah,” she said, glad to run away from the embarrassment, glad also that they were going to meet again.
The whole day at uni she was filled with happiness, going from classroom to classroom in a daze, barely registering what the lecturers said. 
Luke was at the student café in the uni grounds at lunch, sitting as usual at the end of a refectory table by himself, ignored by the students around him.
“Well?” he asked, on a rising tone.
“Well nothing.”
Something.  You spend the night out and come back looking like the cat that got the cream.  Was it nice?”
She didn’t want to talk about it.  Talking would spill the happiness.  It had to be kept secret, private, or the happiness would vanish.
“Yeah.”  She grinned defiantly at him.
“Well, tell me, then.”
He looked so hurt she amended that to, “maybe later,” and then added, reluctantly, “but it was good.  Mostly.”  She didn’t want to talk about how she’d tightened up.  That was too personal even for Luke.  She was suddenly filled with melancholy and amazement that she shared something intensely private about herself with another man, now.  Not her father.  Nor her best friend.  Just a bloke she’d met in a café.

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