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Friday, 3 May 2013


He tugged her down to lie on the bed.  They lay facing each other.  When he smiled at her, she felt certain her smile back was manic and over the top.  But it didn’t appear to faze him.  He moved until his mouth was touched her bare skin.  He kissed thrilling paths down her neck, across her breasts to her groin.  His hand, warm and firm, slid underneath her panties and caressed her bum and then after a spine-tingling pause, her cunt.  He pulled her undies down over her hips, and his mouth moved down and his tongue moved into the folds of her body.
She gasped in surprise and pleasure.  Her father had never done this.  But then, it had never been about her pleasure.
Keith lifted his head and looked at her and his eyes were almost black instead of their usual warm chocolate.  He smiled.  Their enjoyment was shared and mutual in a way that was magical and marvellous to her.
She heard the sound of foil tearing and the snap of a condom.  He lifted his torso off hers and guided himself into her with one hand.
She turned her head sideways.  She felt herself tighten up.  She tried to will herself to open to him.  She couldn’t.  Oh, God, it was going to hurt just as much as it had with her father.
Keith stopped.  “You OK?” he asked, concern in his voice. 
She was unable to speak.  A tear trickled down her cheek.  She couldn’t meet his anxious look.
He abruptly pulled out of her.  Don’t go, she wanted to cry.  Don’t!  And then, Dad has won after all.  Why did I ever think it would be all right?  What a fool I am!
Keith pulled her into his arms and held her close.  His eyes smouldered with anger.  But his rage was not for her—his voice was gentle.  He kissed away her tears.
“It’s OK, Ezzaloona-babe.  There’s more than one way to make love.  Let me shaow you.”

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