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Monday, 8 April 2013


The watcher stood in a doorway across the road from Luigi’s block of flats, his gaze fixed on the window where he’d seen Cody walk across and then look out into the street.   He knew where the twink was.  He could get him whenever he left the flat.  He’d have to be careful though.  There were people on the street.  Perhaps late at night, when they returned from eating or drinking with their little friends.  When they were at their most relaxed.  Not expecting an attack.
A passer-by looked at him and quickly averted his eyes.  There’s nothing wrong with me! the watcher thought, angrily, glaring at the other man’s disappearing back.  I do God’s work.  I rid the world of filth.  He heard Father McAllister’s approving burr.  Good lad!  
Nevertheless, a renewed caution made him go back to his car and drive away.  He did not want the police to start questioning him.  Not until he had dealt with the twink permanently.  After that, God would show him the way forward.  He knew now where they lived.  He had time.  Patience.  Patience.  All would be brought to him.

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