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Saturday, 6 April 2013


“Yeah.”  Luigi nodded.  “I’m glad Jace found you, Co.  I couldn’t bear … you … I love you Cody … don’t … don’t … do something stupid.”
“You mean like kill myself?”  Cody’s voice was deeply ironic, bitter and sad all at the same time.
“Yeah.  Like kill yourself.”
“I won’t.  I think.   I … see, I thought about what had happened.  And I know this sounds stupid, Lou, but I feel that I was meant to escape, to live.  So many lucky things happened.  I mean—how likely is that?  But … what will become of me?  OK, I still have a job.  But … will I ever see my kids again?”
“You will.  I promise.”
Cody looked comforted but Luigi had no idea if he could make his promise come true.  He knew lawyers.  Friends of Richard.  The lawyer who’d drawn up Richard’s will and fought on his behalf in court when Richard’s family had contested the will.  Yeah.  He’d fight for Cody.  And Luigi would use Richard’s money to pay him.  He knew that was what Richard would have wanted.
His cock had gone flaccid and the cock-jacket hung on it loosely.  He took Cody’s hand and put it on his cock. 
Cody smiled a little sadly.  “What shall I do?”
“Anything you want.  Whatever.  Whatever doesn’t hurt.  How about a good old-fashioned wire-pull?”
Cody pulled him down onto the bedclothes and kissed him slowly, carefully, as if Luigi were something precious which might be damaged.   “I love you, Lou,” he breathed as his hand sought Luigi’s stiffening cock.
After, they lay entwined, the jizz on Luigi’s stomach sticky between them. 
They slept.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

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